The following rules and regulations are for the benefit of all members and for the protection of our facilities. Failure to comply with all rules and regulations shall be considered sufficient cause for suspension or termination of membership, without refund.


The Facilities Management Team (including, but not limited to, the Manager on Duty, any Pool Committee or EECA, Inc. Board of Director’s member, and approved vendors) will enforce these Rules and Regulations. Any such person(s) shall constitute Facilities Management.

Only the Manager on Duty and the Chairman of the Pool Committee have the authority to direct the Facilities Management or other employees concerning the operation of the facilities. The Manager on Duty and the Pool Committee will report to the President and Vice President after implementation of any enforcement actions taken in accordance with these Rules and Regulations

Facilities Management may restrict any action in the facilities that in its judgment may be prejudicial to the health and safety of others, destructive, and/or detrimental to the appearance of the property.

The lifeguards and facilities management endeavor to consistently enforce the rules outlined in the Membership Agreement but may miss an infraction from time to time. However, once infractions are identified, members must nonetheless comply with the agreed upon rules, which are in place to ensure everyone enjoys a healthy and safe swimming environment.


Evergreen Estates Community Association, Inc., will make commercially reasonable efforts to operate the swimming pool and recreational facilities during and following a force majeure event. Such events include but are not limited to severe weather, fire, acts of God, governmental or court imposed delay, political unrest, catastrophic health emergency, governmental state of emergency, etc. The foremost priority is the safety of members and staff. Should operations not be possible, Evergreen Community Association, Inc., shall retain all funds collected from members to maintain minimum standards of the facilities while operations are not possible. Evergreen Community Association, Inc. shall not be liable directly or indirectly for any claims caused to or suffered by any member or any other person in connection with or as a result of such force majeure event, and Evergreen Estates Community Association, Inc. shall not be liable for the proration, partial refund, or full refund of any fees paid prior to such force majeure event.


  • The pool hours may be extended without notice by the Facilities Management.
  • Pool closings are sent to members via email.


  • Swimming may be curtailed because of Swim Team practice and/or swimming instructions Monday through Friday, except holidays.
  • Swimming will be curtailed during Swim Meets. Normal pool hours will resume 30 minutes after the completion of the swim meet.
  • The facilities may be closed during inclement weather, and activities may be curtailed or cancelled as deemed necessary by Facilities Management.  NOAA and Red Cross safety guidelines shall prevail.
  • The facilities may be closed for maintenance or other reasons involving health and safety. Notice of such closing will be posted at the entrance and/or otherwise announced as circumstances permit.
  • The use of the EECA, Inc. park facility by pool members is restricted to Days of Operation during daylight hours. Use of the park for private events must be arranged through the Manager on Duty.


  • All adult members and caregivers must sign the annual liability release and waiver on their own behalf and any minor children, and must upload photos for each person on their account.
  • All members must sign in each time when entering the facility.
  • Children 11 years of age or under (0-11) must be accompanied by their parent/guardian or someone 16 years of age or older whom the parents/guardians have authorized in writing to the Facilities Management, as responsible for these children while in the facilities.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children and guest(s) at the pool and park including those who have passed the Deep-Water Swim test.  Adults must advise minor children of all pool policies.
  • No member will be admitted to the facility without a paid account accompanied with a photo.


Guest Limitations:  Members take precedence over all guests.  Guest entry will be at the sole discretion of the Facilities Management in keeping with Anne Arundel County Pool Capacity Limitations

  • Members must check in and pay for all guests.
  • Guests will be limited to a reasonable number at any given time at the discretion of the Facilities Management. If the pool is deemed to be at capacity, admission of pool members will take precedence over guests.
  • A member must remain at the pool with their guests.
  • It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that all guests comply with these rules and regulations.
  • Members 15 years (0-15) of age and under may not bring guests to the facility alone. At least one adult member must be on-site. You must be 16 years of age to bring guests without parent or guardian.
  • Admission of guests, at any given time, shall be at the discretion of the Facilities Management.
  • No Guests are permitted on peak holiday weekends unless with the prior approval of the Manager on Duty.


  • All annual dues and fees are non-refundable.
  • EECA, Inc. property (facility) includes pool, park, and parking lot.
  • Non-EECA, Inc. persons or entities shall not conduct any business or trade on EECA, Inc. property, or within the facilities.
  • No Pets are allowed inside the pool enclosure.  Pets on EECA, Inc. property must be on lead.
  • NO GLASS CONTAINERS of any kind are permitted on EECA, Inc. property.
  • No smoking/vaping/drugs/gambling is permitted on EECA, Inc. property.
  • Proper footwear (shoes of some sort) must be worn in park area.
  • All persons shall comply with posted traffic/parking regulations. Speed limit is 5 MPH.
  • Disrespectful, profane language and any infraction of these rules shall be cause for ejection from the facility and possible suspension/termination of membership without refund. The Lifeguards and Managers on Duty are to be respected by all members and guests, while overseeing their respective duties.
  • Everyone is responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the facility including the disposal of his or her own trash, particularly in the snack bar area.  Keep tables free of crumbs and spilled liquids.
  • All persons entering the pool/park facility and taking part in the activities provided; do so at their OWN RISK.
  • The Evergreen Swim Team, LLC. is managed and supervised by an authorized SPY, ASC representative.  Members of the swim team join and participate at their own risk. Swim Team is independently owned and operated and not an affiliate of EECA, Inc.
  • All incidents resulting in personal injury or property damage must be reported immediately to Facilities Management. Threats of personal injury or property damage, unsafe conditions and inappropriate behavior should be reported immediately to Facilities Management.
  • Members and their guests are responsible for their personal property. Personal property left on the premises will be put in the lost and found for a period of time not to exceed 2 weeks. Lost and found articles will be discarded at the discretion of Facilities Management.
  • Swim instructions offered to members must be authorized by Facilities Management.


  • The pool facility number is (410) 647-1433 and is reserved for out going emergency calls.
  • Cell phone use is permitted provided that your call does not disturb the quiet of others.
  • The Facilities Management can ask that you discontinue cell phone use if your call is disruptive to others.
  • The facility email is and the Evergreen Estates Community Association, website is
  • Free WiFi is provided and is limited to the service offered.


  • Children under 11 years of age (0-10) may not go into water over their shoulders unless the Deep-Water Swimming Test (see 11. below) has been passed.
  • A child under 11 years of age (0-10) must be closely supervised (e.g. within arms’ length) while in the main pool by a person (parent, guardian, or designee16 years or older) unless the child has passed the Deep-Water Swimming Test and displays a red deep water ID bracelet.
  • Arm’s Length is defined as parent/guardian supervising the non-swimmer while fully in the pool and remaining in the water within an arm’s length reach of the child and not seated on the edge of the pool.
  • Water wings are permitted with parental supervision and only in the areas designated by the lifeguard.  Child must be within arm’s reach at all times. Flotation device must be USCG approved.
  • A child who has not passed the facility deep water swim test is considered a non-swimmer.
  • Adult Swim shall commence fifteen minutes before each hour.  There is no Adult Swim before the closing hour.  You must be 18 years of age to swim during the Adult Swim.
  • Non-Toilet trained/diapered children are not permitted in the Main Swimming Pool.  Parents/guardians are not permitted to hold non-toilet trained/diapered children in the Main Swimming Pool.
  • Do not relocate facility furniture, i. e. chairs, lounges, tables or umbrellas without the permission of the Manager on Duty.
  • Games involveing chairs or louges are strictly prohibited.


  • Do not enter the pool with open wounds, colds, infections, bandages or communicable illness.
  • Do not enter the pool with excess sunscreen. Shower off excess sunscreen.
  • Do not spray sunscreen within close proximity of others to avoid risk of inhalation.
  • All members must shower before entering the pool when returning from the park/playground and if entering the pool upon completion of vigorous activities. Rinse off grass, sand and perspiration.
  • No spitting or nose blowing in the pool.
  • No food or drink may be consumed in the pools. (main pool or wading pool). Keep all food and drink back beyond the white coping tiles.   
  • The pool must not be used as a substitute for sanitary facilities.


  • Start at one end of the main pool and swim the length of the pool twice, approximately 50 feet, using a recognizable stroke.
  • Tread water for one (1) minute, with head held up and out of the water during the (1) minute.
  • Deep Water Test is administered by the Lifeguards.
  • An Anchor Aquatics issued wristband will be issued after the successful completion of the Deep Water Test.
  • Only the Lifeguard administering the Deep Water Test may determine pass/fail.
  • Provided that a lifeguard is available the Deep Water Test may be retaken until passed.


  • A person (parent, guardian, or designee 16 years or older) must supervise children, and that person must stay within the Wading Pool Enclosure.
  • Non-Toilet trained children using the wading pool must wear a swim diaper.
  • In the event of fecal contamination, the wading pool will be closed in accordance with AAC Health Department Regulations.
  • No food or drink may be consumed in the wading pool.  Keep all food and drink beyond coping tiles.
  • Do not relocate facility furniture, i.e. chairs, lounges, tables or umbrellas without the permission of the Manager on Duty.


  • No running or pushing is permitted in the pool enclosure.  No standing on shoulders.
  • General swimming is not permitted in the diving area.
  • No jumping or diving from the sides of the diving area.
  • Only one person is allowed on the diving board at any time, no flip type dives allowed.
  • All flotation devices used to support non-swimmers, must be USCG approved.  Children must be supervised at all times within an arm’s reach when wearing a support device, including USCG approved.
  • During adult swim, children are to not dangle legs in the swim lanes or play catch over the pool area.
  • Noodles, balls or inflatable toys may not be used as flotation devices to support non-swimmers and are limited in the pool at the direction of the Facilities Management.
  • No large hard toys squirt guns, or hard balls (including, but not limited to, footballs or soccer balls) are permitted inside the swimming facility.
  • No prolonged underwater swimming is permitted nor swimming the length/width of the pool underwater.
  • No “dead man floating” is permitted.


  • There may be a dedicated lap lane for swimming laps during the following hours. Monday – Thursday from 6:00p to close. Monday – Thursday from open to 12:30p.
  • The lap lane is exclusively to be used by members or guests swimming laps. Any member or guest not swimming laps will be removed from the lane.
  • If there are two (2) swimmers splitting the lane, proper etiquette is to begin circle swimming to enable all parties to be able to swim.
  • Please stand in the end nearest the bath house or dangle your feet off the deck and wait for the other swimmer(s) to acknowledge you before starting laps to reduce risk of collision.
  • Do not hang on the lane line under any circumstances.


  • Littering, destruction of property or unruly behavior is not permitted.
  • Use of the Playground/Park by nonresident pool members is restricted to Days of Operation, Memorial Day to Labor Day, daylight hours.
  • The Facilities Management may close Playground/Park without advanced notice for EECA, Inc. Community Events, Private Events, or Emergency Situations.
  • Use of the playground equipment is at your own risk.
  • Proper footwear (shoes of some sort) must be worn in park area.
  • Playground/Park hours are Sunrise to Sunset, daylight hours.
  • Pets must be on lead/leash at all times.  Owners are responsible to clean up after their pets.
  • AACO Animal Control statutes are enforced.


  • Grills and tables are available at the pavilion. They are available on a first come basis.
  • Use caution when igniting propane grills.  Turn gas off when you are finished grilling.
  • Clean grills after use with brush provided.  Snack bar staff will provide grill utensils.
  • Never leave a lighted grill unattended.
  • Dispose of all trash and clean tables after use.
  • Snack Bar Invoices must be paid within 2 weeks of receipt.  Unpaid or overdue Snack Bar balances may result in late fees of up to $35 and/or the suspension or termination of membership.


  • Member group events shall generally include, but are not limited to, events that require dedicated/reserved pavilion space.
  • Member sponsored events (i.e. parties) are limited to twenty-five (25) persons.
  • Members may not move pool furniture without the permission of the Facilities Management.


  • Use of alcoholic beverages on EECA, Inc. property is strictly controlled. Reasonable Use within the pool area is permitted. You must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol in the state of Maryland.
  • Facilities Management reserves the right to interpret “reasonable use” and restrict alcohol consumption by members and their guests depending upon the circumstances.
  • Intoxicated members/guests will be subject to expulsion from the facility by the Lifeguards/Facilities Management.
  • No glass containers whatsoever are permitted within the fenced pool area.  Cans containing alcoholic beverages must be placed into a holding device that conceals the nature of the beverage.
  • Facility privileges may be suspended or revoked for intoxication, without refund of annual fee.
  • Members with minor children are responsible for them at all times.