History of Evergreen Estates

Research and preliminary language provided by Dwight E. Hurlbert, original homeowner

The earliest reference to the parcel of land where Evergreen Estates resides is October 29, 1845. On this date, Charles R. Stewart who, as a trustee [for what or for whom is not known], deeded some land to Thomas Robinson. At the time of the death of Thomas Robinson, the land passed through right of dower to his wife, Althea Robinson. Following her death, the land was partitioned by deed to James S. Robinson, Charles A. Robinson, Cyrus N. Robinson, and Laura C. Tydings (presumably her children) and their respective spouses Armanella, Alice, Ida, and John on January 25, 1883. Some of the tracts of land mentioned in the deed of partition were Robinson’s Morning Walk, Martin’s Nest, Gray’s Increase, Piney Grove, Stewart’s Discovery, Hawkin’s Neglect, Murphy’s Lot, and Knavery Prevented. It is unknown which tract of land was used for Evergreen Estates, however, it is known the land was awarded to James Robinson, the first named in the deed of partition, and his wife Armanella.

On August 19,1907, James S. Robinson and his wife Armenalla sold this parcel of land to William F. Keuthe and Louis Keuthe. It remained in possessions of the Keuthe’s until Louis Seymour Zimmerman purchased it from Louis Keuthe on December 28, 1920. Following the death of Mr. Zimmerman the land was sold to Aaron Samuelson and Oscar Samuelson on May 10, 1957. With the sale of the land the covenants previously in force were modified to provide that the lands not be used for commercial purposes’ that no home site would have a frontage of less than 75 feet at the building line; that no house for be built on any lot having less than 11,250 square feet; and that no house would cost less than $15,000 to construct. These same conditions are still in full force and effect the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CCR’s) applying to Evergreen Estates.

On October 3, 1957, the Samuelsson’s sold the land to Irving S. Lee and Stephen Korneich of Montgomery County for development as a residential area. The Lee’s (Irving and Molly) and the Korneich’s (Stephen and Lizabeth M.) chartered (i.e., incorporated) their residential development business as the Evergreen Estate Corporation. That Corporation, and later on the Eden Roc Estates Inc., and the Wilco Holding Company sold the 101 home sites to the “original settlers” of Evergreen Estates. The parcel of land compromising the swimming pool, recreation area, and parking area was included in the deed to the Evergreen Estates Community Association Incorporated (EECA) on January 21, 1960. For a time the swimming pool was under lease from our Association to the Evergreen Estates Swim Club Incorporated. EECA “took back” the swimming pool circa 2010 and currently manages and operates the swimming pool, recreation area, and parking area. This facility sits on 1.9 acres, situated between Holland and Sycamore Roads, at 219 Sycamore Road.

EECA Inc., was charted on April 1, 1959 as a voluntary organization, committed to serve the best interests of Evergreen Estates residents in all community matters. The governing documents, (CCR’s and corporate by-laws) of EECA can be found at this website in the respective drop-down menus.

The above historical facts were obtained through research of the Land Records in the Anne Arundel Court House in Annapolis. Errors and omission is possible given the process of acquiring this information. If there are known errors or opportunities to improve accuracy please reach out to our Board of Directors so the website can be updated accordingly.