Are there any COVID restrictions?

As of May 5, 2021 there are no occupancy limits due to COVID. If a restriction is imposed by the local government we will implement a reservation system in which members schedule blocks of time for the pool. More information will be provided if we must go this route.

As of May 5, 2021 there will be no restrictions on guests (this was common for the few pools that operated at the end of the last season during the early stages of COVID recovery).

As of May 5, 2021 masks will be required upon entry into the facility, inside of the pool house, and if reasonable distancing is not possible on the deck.

I’m interested in joining the swimming pool, is there a waitlist?

EECA maintains a waitlist of more than 100 prospective member families at any given time. Depending on attrition within the existing member base, those interested in joining the pool typically wait between 3-5 years. If you are an Evergreen Estates resident, you can bypass the waitlist and join immediately. Click here to join the waitlist.

Why is there a fee for joining the swimming pool waitlist?

These fees provide support for the system that manages our membership database.

As a member of the swimming pool, how do I bring guests to the pool with the transition away from punch cards?

With the deployment of an online membership management system, ‘guest cards’ can be purchased through your account as a service/product. When checking in at the pool, simply inform the front gate staff you will use a guest pass and we will remove it from your account upon entry.

With the elimination of all monetary transactions at the pool, how will we purchase refreshments from the snack bar?

Simply use the ‘charge to your account’ feature and inform the snack bar attendant of your membership number or name, and the refreshments will be charged to your account. Invoices for purchases will be provided throughout the season.

How will I know how much I owe EECA for services charged to my account?

Simply login to the online portal to find this information. We will also send reminders when outstanding balances are on your account. Note the system currently does not allow for pre-charges or limits to the amount purchased, though this is on the roadmap as other pools have requested it as well.

Who can use the EECA common / recreational area?

Use of the Playground/Park by nonresident pool members is restricted to Days of Operation, Memorial Day to Labor Day, daylight hours. At all other times the playground and recreational area is limited to residents of Evergreen Estates

Are there any rules or restrictions for the recreational area?

  • Park hours are dawn to dusk
  • Residents must accompany guests, no trespassing signs are posted and are enforceable in accordance with Maryland statue.
  • The property is video monitored at all times.
  • Causing damage to common area property is grounds for immediate suspension of privileges and punishable by law.
  • Dogs must be on lead at all times. Owners are responsible to control and to clean up after their pets. No one single person shall have more than two (2) dogs on EECA, Inc. common property at any one time.
  • No electric, battery or gas operated vehicles are permitted on premise. (i. e. golf carts, modified “razor” scooters or cars).

When does EECA hold the Annual Meeting for residents and how do I vote?

In accordance with the constitution and bylaws, annual meetings will be held in February of each year. Notice of the annual meeting is sent via the community group email. Members of the Association in good standing may vote in the annual meeting. Membership dues are paid yearly and determine member in good standing status for owner occupied residences of Evergreen Estates.